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THE ODYSSEY - Container Project

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ODYSSEY Container Project



The Outside:


·        Choose any container for your book project. You may do a folder or you may choose any other container that suits your needs. (i.e. manila envelope, paper bag, plastic bag, coffee can with a cover, box, or any other container that you can imagine. BE CREATIVE!)

·        Decorate the container with details appropriate to the book or container's contents. (25 pts.)




The Inside:


The inside of the container should include the following materials and activities pertaining to The Odyssey.


1. Questions - Write 10 questions that could be answered by reading The Odyssey.

TWO of the questions should be fairly easy questions with answers that are obvious simply by reading the book. EIGHT of the questions should be harder questions with answers that require more critical thinking, interpretation, or combining of information from The Odyssey. You might want to look at the Bloom Taxonomy on the wiki. (25 pts.)


2. Vocabulary - A ten word glossary of unfamiliar words from the book and a short definition for each word. (25 pts.)


3. Other - Five items that depict the story in some way. These items may be actual items or student created facsimiles, so that the class can try guessing what your items represent in The Odyssey. (25 pts.)





RUBRIC: Each of the categories above represent 25 points. TOTAL POINTS = 100.

Extra points for going beyond the basics!


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