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 Monday, October 14:


FAHRENHEIT 451 PROJECT GUIDELINES--after looking at "the beginnings"

 1. Use 3-5 sources, NOT including your pictures. Keep in mind that a search engine (Google, for instance) is not a source!

 2. When you use a quote, place the URL at the end of the quote.

 3. Don't depend almost entirely on just one source (like Wikipedia, for example).

 4. Instead of using a huge "cut and paste" from a website, summarize in your own words (again citing your source). You can then tell us where to find more information.

 5. Provide us with several links to other good sources so that we can learn more about your topic.

 6. Pictures are nice in an online project, so include some if you can. You may either place the URL with the picture or make the picture the actual link. (Ask me if you need to see the "how-to" again.

 7. Please ask questions about research during class if you need help. That's why I'm here!



Friday, October 10 (SPIRIT DAY):

  • S.A.T. vocabulary quiz--first ten words (spelling and definition)

  • Group work for discussion of "The Most Dangerous Game" (Literary elements, etc. from your list)
  • Work on research projects

Homework: nada, rien, niente, لا شيء, except to have a GREAT HOMECOMING WEEKEND!


Thursday, October 9 (CHARACTER DAY):


  • Questions about your projects? We'll answer them tomorrow. We will work on them again on Friday.

Homework: SAT vocabulary words quiz tomorrow. STUDY! You will spell and define the first ten words on the list.


Wednesday, October 8 (TACKY DAY):

Media Center:

Fahrenheit 451 project. See project page in Fahrenheit 451 folder.

Homework (due Thursday):

  • Read "The Most Dangerous Game," page 67-83
  • Do the "Focus Activity" Quickwrite on page 66 
  • Answer questions 1-15 on page 84, plus Literary Elements 1-3 


Tuesday, October 7 (HILLBILLY DAY):


  • Booth poem, symbolism
  • "The Open Window"--discussion

Homework (due Thursday):

  • Read "The Most Dangerous Game," page 67-83
  • Do the "Focus Activity"Quickwrite on page 66 
  • Answer questions 1-15 on page 84, plus Literary Elements 1-3 


Monday, October 6 (TEAM DAY):

Duke Blue Devils




  • Finish Activity Packet for "The Scarlet Ibis"
  • Symbolism and theme


  • Read "The Open Window" by Saki
  • Answer questions on page 22 (1-15 except #11), plus "Writing About Literature/Examining Irony," page 23.  




Questions? Click here to get help.

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