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Thursday, October 2:


  • Presentation of newspaper articles from wiki pages (illustrating INFORMATIVE, PERSUASIVE, AND CAUSE AND EFFECT)
  • Political speeches for youth by the two top presidential contenders.
    • Which is which?
    • Which is better (no matter who your political preference may be)?


  • Read the poem by Booth. Follow instructions on the page
  • Extra credit or to replace a low grade: Watch and analyze the Vice-Presidential debate tonight between Sarah Palin (Republican) and Joe Biden (Democrat). If you are not able to watch it tonight, you can pick it up this weekend on one of the news networks by going online. You might think about...
    • Who had the best speaking style? Who related best to the audience?
    • Who answered the questions better?
    • Were there any dramatic moments? Any humor?
    • What did you learn that you did not know before?
    • How important do you think the Vice-Presidential candidate is in the presidential election?
    • Did this change your mind at all about either candidate, considering your own political leanings?


Wednesday, October 1:


  • Vocabulary quiz, "The Scarlet Ibis"
  • Review of parts of speech
  • Quick discussion of newspaper article (last night's homework)
    • Decide whether they are PERSUASIVE, INFORMATIVE/DEFINITION/EXPLANATION, CAUSE AND/OR EFFECT. Avoid strictly ENTERTAINMENT (although that's certainly a legitimate classification!).
    • You will be assigned a specific newspaper to avoid too much duplication of articles.
    • Copy your article, make a new page and place it article in the proper folder [NEWS ARTICLES] with your name at the top and the type of article you found.
      • Tell WHY you feel it is a particular type of article.
      • Illustrate with at least two quotations.
    • Go here:

  • The New York Times
  • The Chicago Tribune
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • The Washington Post
  • USA Today

Homework. Answer the following questions in your study packet: 

  • **A developing (or dynamic) character, page 5
  • **Symbols, page 6
  • **Theme (two different ways to state a theme for this story), page 8


Tuesday, September 30:


  • Vocabulary study online/SmartBoard for "The Scarlet Ibis"
  • Discussion of parts of speech: more tomorrow!
  • Diction, connotation and denotation in "The Scarlet Ibis"


  • Read the newspaper article on page 255, textbook, "Nature Is Not Preoccupied with 'Imperfections'"
  • Vocab matching quiz tomorrow! 


Monday, September 29:


  • Roundtable discussion: "The Scarlet Ibis" based on questions answered previously
  • Famous handicapped people (class contributions)
  • RED color imagery--18 examples!

Homework:  Activity packet

  • Vocabulary, page 1
  • Imagery, page 3
  • Similes and metaphors, page 5 


Friday, September 26:


  • What is your learning style? You probably have several that are strong.
  • Politics???
  • Mini-conferences about your work in English I Honors/Principles of Communication


  • Read "The Scarlet Ibis," page 257
  • Answer questions (1,10, 11, and odd/even) to prepare for class discussion on Monday.
  • As you read, write down all the references of RED in the story. What does this color imagery mean?


Thursday, September 25:



  • Groups read each others' rewrites of "Appointment with Love"


  • Multiple Intelligences survey
  • Get your PROGRESS REPORT signed!
  • Think about how you can improve your performance in English I Honors/Principles of Communication. We will have mini-conferences tomorrow to discuss your overall grade. Obviously, for some of you this will mean doing the work enthusiastically and completely as you are doing now!


Wednesday, September 24:


  • Finish short story discussion.
  • Groups read each others' rewrites of "Appointment with Love" and choose one to read in class

Homework:  Survey


Homophones Worksheet, 1-38. Write sentences.

Tuesday, September 23:


  • Structure and craft in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty:"
    • Find and discuss the sections of FANTASY and REAL in the story.
    • What character traits do you see in Walter Mitty that are different in each?
    • What are the connections between the various sections?
  • "Appointment with Love" and "The Chaser"--Which, in your opinion is better. WHY? (To be continued...)


  • Rewrite "Appointment with Love"
  • Use first-person point of view
  • Feel free to completely change the plot and ending. In fact, you SHOULD make some major changes!



Read "The Winner" (page 181).

Do questions 1-15 (except 13) and Literary Elements 1-2 on page 189.

Does someone want to change the sidebar now that we're finished with Lord of the Flies? Feel free!  

(Good job. I love the Walter Mitty cover AND the school pic. Was that you, Ricky?)-nelly

Monday, September 22: (Don't get this confused with Friday's homework; see below!)


  • Finish Creative Tests
  • Class discussion of "The Gift of the Magi" and "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." Are these both about love? 


  • Read "Appointment with Love" and "The Chaser" (handouts)
  • Answer questions on the Study Guide (front and back)


Friday, September 19: 

Classroom: Creative Test presentations


  • Read "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," page 116-120
  • Questions 11, 12, 14, 15 and Literary Elements 1-3, page 121


Thursday, September 18:


  • A little more editing

  • A look at your vocabulary homework

  • Homophone Contest--Are you competitive?

  • Short story--the genre

  • "One must be poor to know the luxury of giving." (George Eliot) What does this mean???

  • So...O. Henry (William Sydney Porter) is from North Carolina. Did you know that? The first person to email me with the CITY in our state where he was born wins a small token of...chocolate.

  • Discussion of group activity from yesterday

  • Irony in "The Gift of the Magi." What type of irony is in this story?



  • Homophones worksheet


  • Be prepared to present your Creative Test to the class (no preparation needed--just "show and tell" if it's art or read if it's a speech or story).



Wednesday, September 17:


  • Continue editing work

  • Group activity with "The Gift of the Magi" (answering questions after story)


  • Finish your group activity if necessary

  • Do the "Magi" vocabulary worksheet



Tuesday, September 16

Almost everyone did really well on the Lord of the Flies test. That was really good to see! Congrats!

  • Classroom activity: On the other hand, yer grammer needs a litle attenshun. Lets see how this here Honors class wrote on there test! Will edit these sentences and they will remain ANONYMOUS, ok? Most of you have a good one on hear!

  • Discuss your blogs, biopoems, the wiki banner and colors, and your reactions to the class wiki. How's is it going? Are you enjoying it? (All work from Friday and Monday should be posted or turned in by Tuesday.

  • So...do you know what COPYLEFT is now? What do you think of this concept?

  • Homework: Read "The Gift of the Magi" We will do activities in class. Think about IRONY!!!



Friday and Monday, September 12 and 15:


1. Go to the CREATIVE TEST page in the LORD OF THE FLIES folder.

  • Tell me which project you will do.

  • If you change your mind over the weekend, that's okay. You can let me know Monday.


2. BLOG about The Twilight Zone. Follow the instructions on the BLOG page

    (in the BLOGGING folder, on the right).

  • What are your thoughts on setting, theme, plot, characterization, symbolism, irony, etc.?  

  • Similarities to Lord of the Flies?


3.  BLOG with ideas for our wiki. Vote on colors!

4. . Go to CREATE PAGES, on the right.

  • Make a page for yourself to experiment on, store things, etc.

  • Since only one person at a time can edit a page, your own page can be where you work on your biopoems, blogging, etc. copying and pasting it elsewhere.

  • Store it in the STUDENT PAGES folder.


5. Put your biopoem on the wiki--with decorations, if you choose!

  • There is already a page created for this. Go to See All Pages, on the top right.

  • Be aware that since only one person at a time can edit a page, you can work on your poem on your own page, then transfer it.


6. Go to the "Copyright and Fair Use Page" (go to See All Pages, on the top right) and answer the following questions:

  • What is copyright?

  • What is copyleft?

  • What is fair use?

  • What is plagiarism?


***You MUST write out the answers by hand and turn them in to me. Do not post this on the wiki.

7. Work on your CREATIVE TEST. It's due Friday, September 19.

8. If you are working on the banner for our wiki and have time at school, you may work now. Obviously any of this work can be done at home as well.


Thursday, September 11:

  • Influences of Golding's Lord of the Flies on film and literature: The Twilight Zone

  • HOMEWORK: Compare and contrast Lord of the Flies to this episode of The Twilight Zone



Wednesday, September 10

  • TEST: Lord of the Flies


    • Editing assignment-class handout

    • Make up two very ungrammatical sentences! Example: I don't have none of them teachers this year do you. (Ouch! This hurts me to write such a terrible sentence...but...it's for the best, right? RIGHT?)



Tuesday, September 9:

  • THE WIKI IS HERE! THE WIKI IS HERE! Let's take a look!

  • TEST REVIEW: Lord of the Flies

  • Introduce editing--handout





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